August 4, 2020

Did You Know: An Average Person Spends 25 Years Asleep

A human brain needs sleep to work efficiently, sleep does not necessarily mean the brain shuts down, the brain refreshes itself, by cleaning wastes and getting ready for the next day activities. A machine without rest will eventually shut down or develop faults, now imagine a human body without rest. Sleep also helps with body repair and building and brain cells activities.

An Average Person Spends 25 Years Asleep

Try not sleeping for a night, and you get dizzy the next day as a result of the overworked brain cells and neurons, they work slower and their transmission rate becomes poor and there you have it; the beginning of a bad day. It’s like waking to a dull day, you can just feel your body being sluggish and weak, you hear and see things happening around you but you are not decoding at the normal rate, so your reaction can be quite slow and insomnia will eventually kick-in. This sounds bad for a person who is working or doing little activities, especially a kind of work that involves other people’s life i.e. driving, cooking and so on.

So, every adult human being needs at least 7-9 hours, well survival speaking especially in a country like Nigeria, 7-8 hours should be okay. But the fact still remains, the amount of sleep you need depends on factors like

  • How stressful of a day you had?
  • Age or health issues
  • Mental activity
  • Genetic influence, some people just need more sleep than others.

Technically we spend at least 7 hours in a day asleep, probably more than ten hours if we really do have a stress-less day, calculate that weekly and we have 49 hours a week and 196 hours a month. Take this calculation in the long run and you will find that we use about 25-26 years of our life asleep, and if you find it difficult falling asleep you just might be using 33-35 years asleep. Something so little but of great importance, it’s amazing how much of a time we spend sleeping, but the fact still remains, try cheating nature and it will cheat you in ways beyond your body comprehension.

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